The One Where I Admit I'm Coming Around to Babies Breath

Wow. Here we are. It’s a momentous occasion, ya’ll.

If you’ve followed us for any sort of time, you know that there are very few flowers that I hate. In fact, there’s really just ONE if we’re being specific. And that one flower…. is babies breath.


I’m a child of the 90’s. My perception of babies breath is one sad spring alongside a way-too-tight red rose in cellophane paper at my local Safeway. It sheds. It’s hard to tell when it’s alive and fresh because it kind of holds its shape when it dies. And when you use it in mass, it smells like old feet. True story.

SO, for the first few years of this company, I all but refused to use it. If clients requested babies breath, we gently swayed them in a different direction. If they DEMANDED IT (lol our clients are lovely and no one ever does this) we would use it but, ya know, on the DL.

Then, Mandy Moore got married. And that broad’s wedding was FULL of babies breath and pampas grass. AND GOD DAMNIT IT LOOKED SO COOL. So now, we’re inundated with babies breath requests. And after this shoot from the incredible mind of Molly Donovan, dare I say…. I sort of like babies breath now…


planning: Molly Donovan // venue: Venue on Washington // Photographers: Gebriel and Ryne Photography // Rentals: The Event Co AZ // Accessories: Material Girls // Bridal: Neue Bride // Suit: Celebrity Tux n Tails // Hair & Makeup: Meghan Trammell