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We absolutely love a water sign around here. We know your favorite Cancer will live for this arrangement. They may have a tough exterior, but we know our little crab friends are big softies, love their homes, and take great care of the people they love in their lives. Our Zodiac collection honors each sign with a flower arrangement inspired by all the star sign traits that make you, YOU.

Fun Cancer Facts:

  • Ruled by: The Moon
  • Star Sign Flower: White Roses
  • Color: White
  • Some famous Cancers include Nick Offerman and Ariana Grande

This set of blooms is:

  • A mix of the freshest seasonal blooms with some dry elements
  • Comes in a modern ceramic vase in two sizes - choose the right one for you at the dropdown below
  • Ready to spread the love with a complimentary 2" x 4" handwritten note. Want a longer love letter? (It’s an 4” x 6” custom designed card, because we’re not screwing around with your important message - click the add-on below!)
  • Delivered within 20 miles of our shop (check your distance here!) or picked up any day we're open.