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Everything we touch is completely custom

We’re fine artists who work in florals, which means each arrangement is created with intention & attention. Event florals are usually done a certain way. We say: to hell with that; our way works better.


Our team has a decade of experience bringing unique arrangements to corporate events. All of our work is completely custom so you can rest easy knowing your floral will enhance your decor and wow your attendees.

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Brand Activations

Let our team build a world for your clients to truly immerse themselves in for a new product launch. Whether you need from-scratch ideation, design, and execution or you're just looking for some plant and floral accents for an existing setup, we have the experience and capabilities to bring the vision to life.

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Our retail team excels in curing thoughtful, brand-relevant gifting for all your needs. Gift your staff a collection of goods for milestones or holidays or let us build a collection of gifts that make your event attendees feel extra welcome.

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I'm Malori Maeva
This is Form Floral. And we dare to bloom.

We’ve been elbow-deep in art-focused florals for 10 years. This means thousands of weddings, events & photoshoots that’ve floored our clients and helped them celebrate best.

It’s all about causing a bit of a stir & creating the perfect vibe for your Really Cool Thing.