About Us

Let’s liven up the place.

When you want unique, imaginative arrangements that cure the status quo, we’re your people for Arizona gatherings.

Here's What We Know
Your love is your love.

No matter what your love looks like, we’re here for it. From your guys’ inside jokes to the way you look at each other when you think no one’s watching, we can’t wait to meet you.

Your event is a big deal.

Whatever you’re celebrating deserves our rapt attention. We’re perpetually grateful & endlessly excited that you’re letting us be a part of your big day.

We're the experts.

We’ve been at this for 6 years, so we understand art-focused florals at their core. When you hire us, you’re hiring a vibrant team of makers who understand visual impact.

Think: fine artists who are
changing the face of florals.

Sometimes the best things begin at a dining room table.

I’m Malori Maeva, and flooring you with florals is one of the things I care about most.

Over the last 6 years, I’ve grown Form Floral from a home-based operation into a business with a gorgeous private studio space, a soon-to-be second location, and a team full of expert designers.

Everything our hands touch is custom, and we craft each arrangement as if it were our own — with the outrageous thoughtfulness & attention to detail that makes everything we craft is uniquely yours.

It’s all about causing a bit of a stir & creating the perfect vibe for your Really Cool Thing.