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About Coffee Manufactory

Coffee Manufactory was born out of Tartine Bakery, from a conversation about what we believe to be possible in coffee. This is coffee. It's many things to many people. It's a catalyst. No matter where you are in the world. This tiny cup of goodness is one that can also be complicated, intimidating, and sometimes gimmicky or overly exclusive. As trends and tendencies pull us farther away from what coffee was meant to be, we want to return to form. With our travels, we’ve learned, roasted, and sipped with great people across the globe. These people have influenced us, expanded our palettes, and over time, become our friends that we’re proud to source from. We’ve discovered that this is what we want our coffee to be about. We want to bring customers closer to farms, farms closer to roasters, roasters closer to baristas, and back again. Back to the roots of simple beans, great farming friendships, and precise roasting. Back to being good. Balanced. Clean. Great connections made over great coffee. On every table, in every hand, everywhere. This is coffee. It's a tool to get up. But it’s also a tool to sit down, and connect. Because over coffee, everyone has a story to tell. This is ours.

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