Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

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How does she wake up looking like that? You’ve never seen her without a pressed button-down, smile in tow, and poise on 10. Her house smells like honey and she always knows the right thing to say. She swoops you into a hug and when she lets you go, you have a glass of homemade lemonade in your hand. When you take a sip, you realize it's been spiked with vodka. She’s clean-cut, but she’s anything but basic.

This set of blooms is:

  • Fresh, fresh, fresh! These springtime blooms will take your breath away.
  • The design in the picture isn't an exact replica of the design you're ordering - use the image as a comparison of size, style, and moooooood. We'll select the freshest, most unique flowers available to create your masterpiece.
  • These blooms come with a vase that perfectly compliments the flowers arranged in it! Our expert designers will choose the perfect accompaniment for your blooms.
  • Ready to spread the love with a complimentary 2" x 4" handwritten note? Want a longer love letter? (It’s a 4” x 6” custom-designed card, because we’re not screwing around with your important message - click the add-on below!)
  • Delivered within 20 miles of our studio (check your distance here!) or picked up from our shop if that's easier for ya.
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