A Day of Flowers with Hey Dear

A Day of Flowers with Hey Dear

There's something incredibly beautiful about the way a floral arrangement comes together. The finished product is typically polished with each stem thoughtfully placed. But the road to that destination is, quite frankly, a mess. We recently had the wonderful opportunity to create while Nicole of Hey Dear Photography shot our behind the scenes process and today, we're going to share some of that with you.

Each project starts the same way. We choose our color palette, select our blooms, and lay everything out on the table with our chosen vessels. The flowers need to be processed so we begin by removing excess leaves, petals that have browned, and any broken stems.

Sometimes we have a detailed game plan for arrangements, but our favorite way to work is to simply let the flowers tell us where they want to be. This particular project called for mixed vessels filled with flowers so I was able to let my creativity take charge.

When the pile of flowers got smaller, we thought it would be fun to pull together a quick bouquet. I love the challenge of creating an arrangement with "leftovers" because it forces me to use ingredients in ways I might not normally use them.

Huge thank you to Nicole at Hey Dear for taking the time to photograph me. It was a wonderful day and I love getting to show you a more intimate look into how things happen here at Hoot & Holler.

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