For rarities turned
raucous celebrations.
Art-focused florals for Arizona gatherings with heart.
These aren’t your grandma’s bouquets.

We live for the weird & inventive arrangements that turn heads, love hard, and liven up any place.

From customized deliveries and corporate events with style to wedding day I Dos, we know one thing to be true —

The status quo can step aside.

Because it’s about so much more than checking flowers off your list

Whether you’re local to Arizona or celebrating from out of state, our start-to-finish florals bring careful curation  & intentionality to the table.

No perfect detail happens here by chance.
Each one is painstakingly chosen.

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I’m Malori Maeva.
This is Form Floral. And we dare to bloom.

We’ve been elbow-deep in art-focused florals for over 9 years. This means hundreds of weddings, events & photoshoots that’ve floored our clients and helped them celebrate best.

It’s all about causing a bit of a stir & creating the perfect vibe for your Really Cool Thing.