General Questions

Our private studio is located at 3832 East Winslow Ave., Phoenix AZ. Our brick and mortar retail space is now open at The Fredrick at 1215 E Missouri Ave., Phoenix, AZ.

Great question!

1. When you get your blooms, give the ends a fresh cut and put them in cool water

2. Display them somewhere away from direct sunlight and avoid placing them right in the path of a vent

3. Change your water often (daily is ideal but every other day will do the trick)

We do not accept returns on any sales made at our store, online, or through our event design.
You can contact us about damaged goods by emailing shop@formfloral.com with a picture of said damaged good.
Please let us know your event design concerns by emailing design@formfloral.com.

You can find our full shipping policy right here. Just want the highlights? Products ship from our shop in Phoenix, Arizona to anywhere in the contigious United States. Packages are processed and in the mail between 2-5 days from the time your order is placed.

This is a super tough look, but, alas, a reality of fresh flowers in our hot, hot, hot state. Email pictures of your sad girls to us at shop@formfloral.com within 48 hours of delivery and we’ll send a replacement arrangement to you. 
We guarantee our arrangements for 48 hours from first attempted delivery or pickup. We use the highest quality blooms and we stand by them, but Mother Nature does what she wants. Sometimes that means we just get a bundle of flowers that don't last like they should.

Delivery & Pick-Up Orders

Fresh flowers are available for delivery to Tempe, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert, and Mesa, within in 20 miles of our brick and mortar store on Missouri Avenue in Phoenix. Every item in our shop has a handy icon to let you know what type of delivery methods are available for them- pickup, local delivery, or national shipping!

We offer delivery Tuesday - Sunday every week.

Deliveries leave our shop between 10am-5pm, Tuesday - Sunday. We cannot guarantee a specific delivery time but if you have a preference, you are welcome to leave it for us in the notes of your order and we'll do our best to accommodate it.

Oh you fancy, huh? Don't worry. We've got you covered. For special requests, we need about 7 days notice. So, if you're trying to find the exact rose from your parents' wedding for their 30 year anniversary, we've got you covered. We just need a few extra days to make it perfect!

We sure do! Same-day orders can be placed on our website before 10am. If you missed the 10am cutoff time, we may still be able to save the day - give us a ring at 480.616.4353.

Our ahhhhmazing delivery driver will call your gift-ee and knock on their door when they arrive. If nobody answers, our drivers leave the flowers in a shady spot near the front door. If you’re worried about your order getting in the door at its final destination, you’re welcome to give your gift-ee a heads up. Will they be delivered to an apartment/condo complex? Hit us with all the gate code and apartment number info to ensure a smooth delivery.

All of blooms in our photos are meant to be a point of reference for the size, color, and style of arrangement you’re ordering. We source the freshest, seasonal flowers for our designs so the flowers in your arrangement may differ from those pictured. Those images are meant to convey the mood of the arrangement rather than standing in as a copy and paste moment.

Our promise is that the blooms in your design are the best available at the time of your order!

All of our flowers are priced by the stem, and when we build bouquets or arrangements, we make sure that each order is always always always created to the value that you selected.

Something else that has a big impact on the size of your design is the way the flowers are displayed when they arrive. We recommend cutting open the rubber band and ribbon that holds them together so that they have more room to breathe. Loosen up those stems to really show them off.

We also recommend displaying them in a smaller vase so the flowers can really shine. For reference, the white vase in our images is 4" x 4". Give those stems a chop so the lowest part of the bouquet rests about 1” from the opening of the vase for *optimum* display.

If the flowers are still in good condition, we will not be able to offer a refund on or bouquets arrangements.

The Cha Cha Slide Package

We don't have a secret menu here - for our cha cha slide package, what you see is what ya get! If you're trying to decide which size designs are best for you, feel free to send inspiration photos in our direction and we'll help you choose the right options.

Our journal is a great place to look for inspiration! You can use our handy filtering system to see what we've created for past cha cha slide couples and choose the best size designs for your big day!

Garland is created by hand tying small bundles of foliage together and is surprisingly labor intensive. Garland also requires a lot of foliage to look its best so contrary to popular belief, it's actually one of the most expensive types of designs you can choose for a centerpiece. If you like the look of garland but not the price tag, we recommend layering loose foliage down your table instead!

We offer delivery within a 35 mile radius of our HQ located at 3832 East Winslow Ave. and we also make it totalllllly easy to pick up your Cha Cha Slide order if that's a better fit for you!

Nope! Our designers hand pick the best vases to accent your flowers and the best part is that you get to keep them after your wedding is done!

Our floral sprays and garlands are meant to adorn arches for our Cha Cha Slide couples. And the best part? Setting them up is a cinch! You'll want to have some zip ties and a spare set of hands to hold the design in place. Just pull the zip tie tight and secure the design in a few places so it feels sturdy and you're good to go!

Yes! All of the designs in your order come 100% finished so all you have to do is sit them out where they belong and you're good to go. This package was designed for ease and we promise that you will be totally fine setting it up without us there.

It's Electric!

The short answer - pretty much anywhere. The long answer - we regularly work in the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area including Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert, and Mesa. You can also find us in Sedona, Flagstaff, and Tucson. If you're across state lines, we're more than happy to work with you, too. Our minimum for out of state work is $30,000.

We sure do! We have a vast collection of all kinds of candles and candleholders available for rental to our Electric couples. We are also happy to source something specific if what you need isn't already in our inventory.

We have a gorgeous, highly curated collection of vases, candle holders, and arches available for rent. We can also create or source anything custom that you can dream up for your big day so if we don't have what you're looking for, just let us know!