The Wednesday
The Wednesday
The Wednesday
The Wednesday

The Wednesday

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Favorite flower? Black dahlia. Drink of choice? Whiskey, neat. Our girl Wednesday loves finding beauty in the shadows of life. She writes the best haikus, has a pet tarantula named Harry, and hosts a weekly true crime podcast with her best friend. Her style may be dark and moody - but you know what they say; the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice.

This set of blooms is:

  • Mostly fresh with some dried elements for extra pizazz. Trust us, the pizazz is what makes this arrangement singgg.
  • These blooms do not come with a vase so your recipient is free to give them a home in their favorite container after they arrive. Need a vase? No sweat - add one on below!
  • She is available in four sizes so she's perfect for whatever you need! Try the petite for your coffee table, the standard for a table, the wow if you really want to show the love, or the YASS if you need jaws to drop.
  • Ready to spread the love with a complimentary 2" x 4" handwritten note. Want a longer love letter? (It’s an 4” x 6”custom designed postcard, because we’re not screwing around with your important message - click the add-on below!)
  • Delivered within 20 miles of our studio (check your distance here!)
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