Another Mother: Miyanna

Welcome to the third installment of Another Mother.

If you haven’t been following along on the series, we’re profiling all kinds of matriarchs this year to ring in Mother’s Day. After all, there a million ways to be a mom and each of them is a beautiful story that we’re so honored to share.

If you’re new to the series, you MUST check out the first two blogs featuring Susan West and Maria Balderas. Maria speaks on raising her nephew from birth (she was only 16 when he came into this life) and Susan West talks about her transition from thinking she’d always be child-free to having a whole crew. You can check out how their stories influenced our Mother’s Day bouquet offerings this year at the bottom of their interviews as well. 

Speaking of dope moms, let us introduce Miyanna. She’s a single mother of three, an accomplished sales professional, and a body positive activist dedicated to bringing inclusivity to the modeling world. Sheeeesh, she’s really got it goin’ on. *cue Girl On Fire by Alicia Keys*

Without further ado, Miyanna Coleman:

Can you tell us about the person/people/animals/plants that made you a mom?
I have three incredible and beautiful children named Jenna, James, and Jake. They are my world. Jenna’s 9 years old. James is 7 years old. And Jake is 5 years old. Jenna is into craft and design. My son James loves math and is a master Lego builder. My son Jake will hands down be the athlete, he’s already super athletic and loves to play football. He’s charming and a leader.

What is your favorite thing about being a mom?
My favorite thing about being a mom is watching these little human beings grow, laugh, cry, and realizing I grew them in my belly. And being amazed at their personalities and being able to guide them in this journey called life.

What has your journey with motherhood been like?
Being a mom is the hardest, most underpaid, and exhausting job there is. I love that I got to experience it three times. Because the best part in my journey being a mom is being the person they lean on or need or cry to when hurt. Knowing that I’m their security blanket. That I’m here to help them become the best versions of themselves and let them know it’s ok to also struggle.

Miyanna was our muse for this single stem design - I’m Not A Regular Mom, I’m A Cool Mom. Why? Because Miyanna knows what’s up. Her energy is high and she just feels vibrant. We also love that this arrangement features so many layers of ranunculus that all shine in different angles just like Miyanna shining in all the aspects of her life, including motherhood. Do you know a momma who seems to pop? Whose vibe is so briiight she feels like sunshine? This arrangement is for her.