Another Mother: Susan

Another Mother: Susan

Have you heard?

We’re doing Mother’s Day a little differently this year.

You’re reading pt.2 of a beautiful blog series we’ve created in honor of motherhood and alllllllll of its various journeys. If you missed the first blog, you can check out that baddie right here (it features a super dope, non-traditional mother who is the poster child of grit and badasser-y.)

Pt. 2 features Susan West, a Phoenix wellness entrepreneur who never saw motherhood coming, but now says that, "It's hard to remember how I was or thought before becoming a mom; now I feel this is always who I've been. Being a mother has unlocked compassion, care for community, relationships with other moms. It is, without question, the greatest gift of my life.”

Oh, Susan. 

We felt so moved by these women that we built our Mother’s Day bouquets based on their stories. You can find the Mother's Day Collection here. 

Can you tell us about the person/people/animals/plants that made you a mom?

I never considered myself particularly nurturing and wasn't drawn to children. I found most dogs smelly and slobbery. I never met a plant I couldn't kill. And, yet, as I welcomed my son, daughter and two dogs into my life (2007, 2009, 2016, 2020, respectively), I was transformed instantly into an unhinged baby-doggie-coveting lunatic. Joseph is curious, affectionate, awkward, and loving. Evie is the queen of sarcasm, creative, wise, and articulate, well beyond her years. Happy and Ollie gift smiles and furry perfection each and every day. Many of my friends and family still comment about how drastic my transformation has been. I still don't give a shit about being a plant killer though :)

Who are the mother figures in your life? Tell us about them.

My mom, Anita, was always there for me. She is a Holocaust survivor. Her mom, my grandmother, Eva, must have been so traumatized. She lost everything in Budapest; her husband, her sister, her home. She survived with her daughter and parents, and started over in Santiago, Chile. Eva rarely spoke about her past and was limited in her affection and emotional availability. I guess it's not surprising that my mom isn't super demonstrative; she is steadfast and loyal. I had a spectacularly banal, middle-class upbringing in Ohio, with access and encouragement to great education and life experiences. I didn't confide in my mom the way I confided in my friends, but I knew if I needed help, she would step in immediately, without judgment, and care for me. I always felt loved and admired by my parents. And that is the greatest gift of all.

Do you know a mom who has it all together? The one who seems to be the epitome of grace, and in the same breath, the queen of quick wit and sass? That’s what the Martha Stewart arrangement is, and that is who Susan West is to us. She may have that clean cut look, but do not be mistaken— she is fierce and she will not be taking anyone’s shit.

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