Angela & Jake's Dairy Farm Wedding

YOU GUYS! You know how sometimes we you meet people and just immediately click with them? Like, they're the same kind of cool that you think you are and you have a hard time staying on any topic because you have so many things in common that you keep going off on tangents together? That's how we felt about Angela. She was the kindest bride, absolutely stunning, and trusted us wholly to bring her wedding designs to life.

Angela and Jake got married on the dairy farm that Jake's family operates (and the place where he grew up). The day was realllllllly warm but everyone was so happy it makes me weepy just thinking about it.

So let's dive into the good stuff, yeah?

Angela's bouquet was an absolute masterpiece. When she popped into the studio for her final consultation, she gave us free reign to make whatever we thought was best. FREE REIGN, YA'LL. So we took her color palette and season into consideration then worked our magic and almost a year later I'm still feeling overwhelmed by the beauty and texture in it. It's. So. F**king. Good.

I'm going to take this moment to encourage to you to hire vendors that you like and trust for your wedding. Then, once you hire them, let them do their job. Many people in the wedding industry are artists and when you let us do our thing, I promise what you get in return is some incredibly good shit.

Back to the bouquet! Angela's colors were pastels but she was open to pops of brighter color as well. I absolutely love to represent all ends of the spectrum within a color palette so we chose some more vibrant pinks and oranges to really bring life to the pastel corals, peaches, whites, creams, and soft blues in the other design elements of the day.

Guests entered the ceremony through giant wooden doors the bride found and fell in love with at Sweet Salvage. We adorned them with our favorite trailing foliage which was mirrored in the ceremony backdrop.

Lining the aisle, we filled lanterns provided by the couple with a burst of spring flowers (and later moved these pieces to tables at the reception as centerpieces).

The centerpiece of the ceremony was this backdrop we created on the windmill in the pasture on the property. The installation featured fuller blooms such as peonies and garden roses; we introduced our famous textural look by including delphinium, a mix of seasonal foliage, and some quirky ranunculus.

Speaking of reception - Angela and Jake know how to throw a killllllller party. Following ceremony, our team moved the windmill floral to the DIY pallet wall behind the head table. The rest of the space was a blend of rounds and rectangular tables featuring three different designs. Some rounds held our tall brass urns (available for rent to our custom clients, design clients, and event clients!) with a foliage-based arrangement, the other rounds featured the repurposed lanterns from the ceremony, and the rectangular tables held foliage runners dotted with loose floral.

The focus of the reception was dancing, food and drinks, and the couple having the chance to let loose and celebrate with their friends and family. I love the way the simple designs of the flowers really helped to set the stage for this.

If you're looking for something extraordinary for your big day, reach out to us to learn more about our custom weddings and styling options. We love to help you craft your dream day.


rentals: Erica Gallo with Classic Party // photography: Daniel Kim // film: Bowman Films Co.