Get Informed: The Truth about Garland

The greenery trend sweeping through our weddings this season has been a dream. Our design style leans heavily on a lush mix of foliage so we're stoked to see more couples choosing to feature greenery as a statement instead of an afterthought.

However, along with the foliage trend, we're seeing a lot of confusion over pricing so we wanted to give you the rundown on garland and why it's not actually a cost effective alternative to a traditional centerpiece.

Garland requires a lot of greenery to look full and lush. If you're opting for garland as a way to cut costs, you'll find that it's often more expensive than a traditional centerpiece. For example, an 8ft. table of floral garland from our a la carte menu is $240.

Because greenery is so on trend these days, the price of foliage has been steadily rising. So, in some cases, the greens cost as much as (or more than) some flowers.

It’s labor intensive. Our team hand wires every length of garland that leaves the studio. It often takes hours to create that gorgeous, lush garland that you see on Pinterest.

So, if you’re choosing garlands because you LOVE it, we’re super here for that. But, if you’re opting for garland as a way to save on costs, you’re better off choosing a centerpiece for your tables!

We’ll be back next time with the deets on how to pin on a boutonniere. If you have any questions you’d like us to cover in our Get Informed series, leave them in the comments!!