Liz & Michael's Hotel Valley Ho Wedding

Liz & Michael's Hotel Valley Ho Wedding

Let’s start off this week with a little walk down memory lane.

I started Hoot & Holler (now Form Floral) on the side of a day job that I was really unhappy in. I didn’t know what I was going to do, but I knew that I needed to leave my position as soon as possible for the sake of my mental health. When I put my notice in at my day job, I really did not have the clientele necessary to take my floral design full time. So, I spent my days marketing my ass off in any way I could think of. I had some leftover flowers from a photoshoot and over lunch with my dad, I decided I would create some small arrangements and deliver them to businesses I hoped to work with someday. 

One of the places I dropped an arrangement was the Madewell in the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall. From that small introduction would grow so many beautiful relationships I can hardly believe it. One of those relationships was with Liz who dropped us a line shortly after she had a ring on her finger.

Liz and Micahel’s wedding was in early 2017 and fell into the very early stages of our a la carte package. It was an absolute joy getting to be a part of their wedding day and, to make things even sweeter, our longtime friend Lunabear Studios was the photographer. It’s alllll so good and I’m thrilled to finally be sharing their day!


venue: Hotel Valley Ho // photography: Lunabear Studios // hair: Chelsea Sprinkle

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