Samantha & Josh's Disney Meadow Wedding

Samantha & Josh's Disney Meadow Wedding

I love a well-executed theme with my whole heart and soul. Truly. A theme can create a wedding with quirky moments, memorable details, and a fun representation of what you and your sweetie love as a couple. A theme can also get tacky reallllllly quickly. Let’s let Samantha and Josh show you how to execute a theme that is PERFECT parts theme-y/classic. And, as usual, I’ll throw in my two cents.

If you're creating a themed wedding, let your theme guide you but don’t be a prisoner to it. For Samantha and Josh’s Disney theme, they pulled subtle details from their favorite Disney moments and thoughtfully placed them throughout their wedding day.

  • Each table had a Disney-centric name and other design details could lean Disney but left you guessing. For example…was their macrame dream catcher a nod to Pocahontas or just a gorgeous backdrop for their ceremony? Did the happy couple just want a WOW moment with big ol’ balloons in their portraits, or was it a reference to UP?
  • Choose a cohesive color palette and let it unify all of your design elements. Samantha chose mustard yellow, copper, burgundy, and mixed greens with small blue accents. These colors are EVERYWHERE in her details, they are naturally part of her venue, and the end result is that her wedding looks SO DAMN THOUGHTFUL.
  • Less is always more. Sprinkle in the elements of your theme but keep in mind that you’re having a wedding, not recreating your theme to a T. You don’t have to have every single detail be theme-related (don’t worry - your cohesive color palette will pull everything together!).

Okay are you ready to jump into the rest of the magic of this day!? YES!? Cool me too.


Venue: Schnepf Farms // Dress & Cape: Suzanne’s Bridal // Flowers: Form Floral // Hair: Love is in the Hair // Makeup: Melt By Melissa // Rentals: Tremaine Ranch & Y Knot Party Rentals // Photo Bus: Cruisin Photobus // Macrame: Fond Willow // Photography: Suzy Goodrick

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