My Body, My Choice
My Body, My Choice
My Body, My Choice
My Body, My Choice

My Body, My Choice

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Tbh, sick and fucking tired of the patriarchy telling us what we can and cannot do with our bodies and our lives. All of the proceeds (100% baby!) from this bouquet will go towards the National Network of Abortion Funds. We are pro-choice and pro-women at Form Floral and we will do everything in our power to lift up our ladies until we all have full autonomy over our bodies.

These blooms are also dope as hell so if you like pretty shit and want to spend money that'll support a cause you care for, this is the bouquet for you.

This set of blooms is:

  • A forever design. We created it entirely with dry and preserved blooms so you don't need to water it and it'll look stunning for at least a year but probs even longer!
  • These blooms do not come with a vase so your recipient is free to give them a home in their favorite container after they arrive.
  • Made for gifting and comes with a complimentary handwritten love note on a 2" x 4" card. Is your heart bursting with more to say? We've got you covered. Upgrade to our postcard with the checkbox below!
  • Delivered by our expert hands up to 20 miles from our south phoenix studio (check your distance here!) or shipped within the good ol' U.S.
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