The Girl at the Punk Show

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You can spot this bad girl from a mile away with her spiked hair, oversize motorcycle jacket, and distressed jeans. Her favorite bands are Bikini Kill, The Sex Pistols, and The Dead Kennedys. She's tough on the outside, but she spends her spare time volunteering at her local food bank and has been a tutor to kids in need ever since she left high school. 

These cacti are:

  • Aliveeee! They might look a little menacing but they're bringing you all kinds of benefits as they clean your air, absorb noise, and ward off intruders.
  • Make it perfect by choosing the color of our super sleek planter that makes your heart sing.
  • We pick our favorite cacti from our growers when you order. We promise you'll get a cactus but yours may not be the exact variety shown in the photo.
  • Unless your home gets a lot of light, these guys do best outdoors.
  • Ready to make someone's day with a complimentary handwritten love note on a 2" x 4" card
  • Delivered with gusto anywhere within 30 miles of our studio (check your distance here!) Don't ask what gusto is. You'll know it when you see it.