The Stayin' Alive

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If you have the touch of death, these plants are for you. Our indoor plants manage to thrive with forgetful waterers, frequent travels, and "I don't like to open my curtains"ers. If you really want them to thrive, give them bright filtered sunlight, a good soak once every week or two, and whispers of sweet nothings right into their foliage.

These plants are:

  • Fresh and Ah, ah, ah, ah stayin' alive! If you need some fresh plants soaking up your carbon dioxide and spitting out good vibes, these are for you.
  • Make it perfect by choosing the color of our super sleek planter that makes your heart sing.
  • We pick our favorite plants from our growers when you order. They'll always be indoor friendly but they may not be the exact variety shown in the photo.
  • Looking forward to lounging next to your favorite copy of Catcher & The Rye on your shelf, sprucing up your TV stand, or making your kitchen table feel full of life even if you're snacking on Doritos.
  • Ready to make someone's day with a complimentary handwritten love note on a 2" x 4" card
  • Delivered with gusto anywhere within 30 miles of our studio (check your distance here!) Don't ask what gusto is. You'll know it when you see it.